Hospital Mi Doctor – Tijuana, Mexico

Tijuana Bariatric Hospital Facilities - Dr. Alejandro Gutierrez

Mexico Bariatric Surgical Center in Tijuana, Mexico is a full-service hospital that contains a specific wing for bariatric surgeries. Working in Hospital Mi Doctor with four equipped operating rooms with cutting edge medical technologies.

Hospital is a few blocks from the U.S./Mexico Border and includes all the various features below. Currently, Hospital Mi Doctor is one of Tijuana’s premier bariatric centers, offering a huge list of bariatric surgeons in Mexico.

Lab Tests at Hospital Mi Doctor

Side View of The Hospital - Hospital Mi Doctor

Hospital Mi Doctor has the following:

  • Complete laboratory
  • In-house radiology department
  • 4 state of the art operating rooms
  • Endoscopy suite in house
  • Main floor cafeteria NSF
  • In-house water purification system
  • Full electrical generator backup system for this hospital
  • Underground secure parking
  • In house pharmacy
  • Third-floor cafeteria
  • Elevator
  • Intensive-Care Unit (ICU)
  • 800 number to call Canada and the USA
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