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Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Dr. Alejandro Gutierrez Talks About Gastric Sleeve
Dr. Alejandro Gutierrez is a bariatric-certified surgeon in Tijuana, Mexico, thoroughly trained in the newest and most effective weight loss surgery techniques. Dr. Gutierrez is one of the leading doctors for gastric sleeve surgery in South America, as his years of experience, intense training, and commitment to patient safety make him one of the ideal choices for bariatric care.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Mexico

Yet the majority of his patients who undergo gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico are not Mexicans. Dr. Gutierrez is a top choice for medical tourism, as he provides the same quality of surgical care as those worldwide but at the lower cost of surgery made possible in Mexico.

What is Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Technical Video of How Gastric Sleeve Surgery is Performed

Gastric sleeve is the preferred bariatric surgery for many struggling with obesity, and one that has overtaken gastric bypass as the first choice for both bariatric surgeons and their patients.

The gastric sleeve procedure is performed laparoscopically, making it a minimally invasive surgery. With this surgery, a large portion of the stomach pouch is removed, but the remainder of the stomach is left perfectly intact. Part of the pouch that is removed is responsible for the hormone ghrelin, which creates the feeling of hunger.

With only about 20% of the stomach left over, digestion can occur normally, but patients feel full faster and have less of a desire for food, making it much easier for them to lose weight. The entire procedure usually takes no more than one to two hours. Afterward, you will be carefully monitored to ensure that you are still in excellent health.

See If You Pre-Qualify for Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Why is Gastric Sleeve the Preferred Surgical Option?

There are many different reasons that both patients and surgeons, including Dr. Gutierrez, prefer gastric sleeve for those who qualify. These include:

  • High Success Rate – Gastric sleeve produces an average weight loss of 65% – on par with many of the other forms of bariatric surgery. This success rate is slightly less than gastric bypass (65%, which Dr. Gutierrez also performs), but is still high enough to have an excellent history of fighting obesity-related diseases.
  • Less Complex Surgery – Dr. Alejandro Gutierrez is trained to provide some of the most advanced bariatric surgery procedures, including biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch. However, the less complex the surgery, the fewer complications, and the gastric sleeve is known to have some of the fewest surgical and post-surgical complications of any weight loss surgery.
  • Easier for the Patient – While a healthy diet is critical for weight loss, the gastric sleeve has few dietary restrictions and is less likely to lead to severe nutritional deficiencies than other bariatric surgeries.

In addition, gastric sleeve is the least likely to affect the patient’s quality of life in the long term. There is no “dumping syndrome” like what occurs with gastric bypass, less of a risk of nutritional deficiencies, and no specific foods that cause severe discomfort, although individual food sensitivities may occur.

Bariatric surgeons like Dr. Alejandro Gutierrez are looking for the best results with the least impact on the individual’s quality of life, and that’s where gastric sleeve shines. Some patients are still better candidates for gastric bypass, duodenal switch, and potentially adjustable gastric banding. But for many, gastric sleeve is the best choice for their weight loss needs.

Gastric Sleeve in Mexico – Affordable, Safe Gastric Sleeve

Performing Surgery - Gastric Sleeve Surgery

It’s easy to understand the hesitancy to seek medical care from another country. But modern medicine is international. The research and training that have led to the development of gastric sleeves, along with the training necessary to perform them effectively, are being taught at top-tier universities across North America, including Mexico, which also struggles with its obesity-related issues.

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Dr. Alejandro Gutierrez - Gastric Sleeve SurgeryDr. Alejandro Gutierrez is one of many Mexican bariatric surgeons based in areas like Tijuana who provide outstanding-quality weight loss surgery in safe medical environments with a full staff of excellent-quality surgeons. Dr. Gutierrez also limits the number of patients he sees in a day to give each patient the highest quality of care and attention.

It is these differences that make gastric sleeve in Mexico with Dr. Alejandro Gutierrez such a worthwhile option for those who are in need of more affordable bariatric surgery. You receive:

  • High-Quality Care
  • Personalized Attention
  • Safe and Effective Weight Loss Surgery
  • Valuable Guidelines for Weight Loss
  • Affordable Extended Hospital Stay if Necessary

Mexico allows patients from all other countries, including the United States, to receive more personalized medical care without worrying about gastric sleeve costs or whether or not your procedure will be covered by insurance.

Contact Dr. Alejandro Gutierrez Today to Schedule Your Mexico Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Jennifer R Before and After Picture - gastric sleeve - Dr GAlthough bariatric surgery is often considered a medically necessary procedure, it is also frequently inadequately covered by insurance. Many patients who need gastric sleeves are underinsured and unable to cover the substantial medical costs that can accrue in other countries.

By getting your gastric sleeve surgery completed in Mexico by a surgeon with an excellent bedside manner who understands the needs of bariatric surgery patients, you can ensure that your surgery goes off without a hitch and that you’re able to start losing weight successfully in no time.

To learn more about Dr. Alejandro Gutierrez or to discuss your appointment with his staff, call 1-855-768-7247 today. We are happy to answer any questions and provide more information about costs, benefits, etc.

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