For those struggling with obesity, bariatric surgery may be a life-saving treatment. It is recommended by many that weight loss surgery is their last option to manage their obesity and health issues. Over the past several years, Dr. Alejandro Gutierrez has been one of the leading choices in medical tourism. He is known for giving people that are in need of affordable bariatric surgery. Trained at the University of Baja California, Dr. Alejandro has been a practicing weight loss surgeon for years, working with patients that need all types of bariatric care, including:
  • Gastric Sleeve
  • Gastric Bypass
  • Gastric Banding
  • Duodenal Switch
  • Bariatric Surgery Revisions
Dr. Gutierrez is able to offer the same rates as Mexican citizens, at a medical center that is practiced and dedicated to bariatric care. This allows a tight budget on being able to pay for the costs of their life-saving bariatric surgery. This is a much lower cost than it would be in the United States.

Bariatric Surgery Costs

But in the United States, the cost of bariatric surgery is often substantial. Few insurance companies cover the full costs of bariatric surgery, which is the most expensive in the world and often well over $20,000 out of pocket. That cost also doesn’t necessarily come with a better standard of care, as the United States does not even rank in the top 10 for medical care. Those that need to pay for bariatric surgery out of pocket are not left with many options. You can first look into weight loss grants. Some organizations, like WLSFA, offer grants to those that are in need of weight loss surgery. But unable to qualify for insurance.

Affordable Bariatric Surgery for Self-Paying Patients

You can also shop around to see if anyone offers discounts for self-paying weight loss patients. Although rare, some private surgeons may reduce the cost of your surgery if you are a self-paying patient. However, the discount is unlikely to be substantial, as the cost of US-based medical care remains higher than almost every other country in the world. Rather than complete your surgery in the United States, you may want to consider medical tourism. Right across the border in Tijuana, Mexico, you can find outstanding medical services for a fraction of the price of bariatric surgery in the United States. The quality of medical care in Mexico is excellent with the right doctors and surgeons. For those that have to self-pay for bariatric surgery, it represents a significantly reduced investment.