About Dr. Alejandro GutierrezFor those struggling with obesity that have tried and failed to lose weight successfully, your doctor is likely to have recommended bariatric surgery. Weight loss surgery has been proven successful, with a variety of techniques that encourage as much as 65% excess weight loss or more, as well as help manage and eliminate obesity-related diseases.

The United States has the highest costs for medical care in the world, yet is ranked 15th in healthcare quality. For those that need to self-pay or are under-insured, many patients elect for weight loss surgery in Mexico by experts such as Dr. Alejandro Gutierrez, who was trained in the latest in surgical advancements and techniques to provide a safe alternative to US-based healthcare.

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Options for Weight Loss Surgery

Dr. Gutierrez is able to offer the best available, scientifically proven techniques for weight loss surgery, and continues his training often in the latest in surgical strategies. Some of the surgeries you may qualify for include:

Vertical sleeve gastrectomy, more commonly referred to as “gastric sleeve surgery,” is the most universally accepted approach to bariatric care in both the United States and Mexico, as it offers the best combination of safety and success.

With this technique, Dr. Gutierrez removes between 75% and 85% of the stomach pouch while leaving the gastrointestinal tract intact. This process both decreases the size of the stomach (thus decreasing the amount of food you can consume) while also reducing ghrelin – the hormone responsible for hunger. Average weight loss after gastric sleeve is 60% excess weight.

Unlike other forms of bariatric surgery, the gastric sleeve also comes with fewer complications or food restrictions. In most cases, it is performed laparoscopically, and is a minimally invasive surgery.

  • Gastric Bypass SurgeryGastric bypass surgery, home page

Before gastric sleeve, gastric bypass was considered the premier option for bariatric surgery, and is still

performed regularly today. It involves rerouting a portion of the stomach through the intestine so that the body doesn’t have time to digest all of the calories. This is known as a “malabsorption” technique, preventing the absorption of calories in food.

Gastric bypass has been shown to promote excess weight loss by 65%. It is a safe surgery, but does require specific food restrictions and lifelong nutritional supplements, among other lifestyle changes. Yet it remains an excellent option for weight loss.

  • Adjustable Gastric BandingGastric banding surgery, home page

Most bariatric surgeries require permanent changes to the body. One of the few exceptions is gastric banding, with brands such as Lap Band and Realize Band. The LAP-Band is a silicone ring that is placed over the top of the stomach. It prevents large amounts of food from entering the stomach and helps you feel full faster.

Adjustable gastric banding is reversible. It does not provide the level of weight loss that other procedures perform, such as gastric sleeve and gastric bypass, and it can come with complications (such as acid reflux) that push many people to consider removal or switching to a different type of bariatric surgery. But for many, it is still a popular option that can help promote weight loss in the right individuals.

  • Duodenal SwitchDuodenal Switch Surgery

For select patients, the duodenal switch may be the preferred option. Part of the stomach pouch is first removed to decrease hunger and food intake. The small intestine is then also rerouted so that a large portion of the small intestine is skipped, thus reducing the amount of time food spends in the stomach. The small intestine continues to create digestive juices at various stages of the digestion process.

The Duodenal Switch is currently the most effective weight loss surgery available for severe morbid obesity, with an average excess weight loss of 70%. However, it is also one of the most complex, and comes with many food restrictions and nutritional needs. That is why Dr. Alejandro Gutierrez reserves the duodenal switch only for patients that are in immediate need of this type of surgical intervention.

  • Weight Loss Surgery Revisions

In addition to the above bariatric surgeries, Dr. Alejandro Gutierrez also performs bariatric surgery revisions. Examples include switching from gastric band to gastric sleeve, converting gastric sleeve to duodenal switch, or addressing any complications with your bariatric surgery.

Bariatric Surgery in Mexico with Dr. Alejandro Gutierrez

Based in Tijuana, Mexico, Dr. Alejandro Gutierrez has performed hundreds of weight loss surgeries for those in the United States and Mexico. Dr. Gutierrez is one of the leading choices for medical tourists, and offers some of the most affordable, safe bariatric surgery in all of Mexico.

If you have any questions about these weight loss surgery options, or you would like to learn more about bariatric surgery in Mexico, please call us today at 1-855-768-7247