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Postoperative Survey Review

Information Session - Reviews

So far Dr. Alejandro Gutierrez has earned a 5-star rating out of all of his former patients in an anonymous survey sent out to former patients.

Some comments that they have left on these anonymous reviews include:

  • 7/18/2016 (Gastric Sleeve Patient) ★★★★★
    • I had an amazing experience with MBC! The nurses and staff were so helpful and kind. Anytime I needed them, they were there. The drivers were professional and thoughtful. I will and have recommended MBC to friends and family!
  • 8/16/2016 (Gastric Sleeve Patient) ★★★★★
    • I have spent 35 years struggling with my weight. I just wish I had been able to do this back then. Finally the weight is coming off. I’m three months out and halfway to my goal weight. I’m able to do all the things I wanted to do before, like zip lines, paddle boarding and hiking, but I was too embarrassed or too heavy for the equipment. I’m never going to be held back by my weight again. Thank you MBC.
  • 8/16/2016 (Gastric Sleeve Patient) ★★★★★
    • I felt safe and everyone was so nice

Facebook Reviews (11/11/2016)

These are honest reviews left in a poll in the Mexico Bariatric Center Support Group on 11/11/2016*

  • Debbie T (11/11/2016) ★★★★★
    • He was very nice and informative!!! Made me feel comfortable!!!
  • Tracy M (11/11/2016) ★★★★★
    • He was so wonderful and very attentive. He was very sweet I would recommend to anyone.
  • Pj H (11/11/2016) ★★★★★
    • He was comforting and his assistant Iram Singh was just as amazing. Their Anesthesiologist is right up with them too!
    • Surgery Date: 11/6/2016
  • Christi R (11/11/2016) ★★★★★
    • I’m getting discharged tomorrow and everything has went very smooth. First night was uncomfortable but tolerable. Drain pulled today by his assistant was easy with his instructions.
  • Angela D (11/11/2016) ★★★★★
    • Had surgery in June. Down 68 pounds? You rock Dr. G
    • Surgery Date: 06/14/2016
  • Jessica H (11/11/2016) ★★★★★
    • I had surgery October 8th and he was wonderful. He is kind and caring and good at what he does. No pain after surgery. Thank you Dr. Gutierrez!
    • Surgery Date: 10/08/2016
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